Longest Desert Ultra Marathon Happening in UAE


A grand prize money amount of US $6,000

When you hear Dubai the first thing that comes to your mind is its vast deserts and safari rides. Desert Safari rides in Dubai usually happen in the morning and evening timings and consist of various activities such as dune bashing, sand surfing and BBQ’s in the evening and belly dances. Desert Safari Dubai price starts around AED 40 per person these safari tours have been a must for every tourist or anyone seeking adventure in the deserts of Dubai.

Moreover, the services are very professional. The tour guide pick you up on time and drives very responsibly. The environment is very pleasant and hygienic. Desert Safari Dubai price is so economical that for a lifetime experience you should definitely go for this tour and have fun.

But now, Marathon lovers get ready because the world’s biggest desert marathon is taking place right here in Dubai, the land of beautiful and sandy deserts. This December in Dubai people will get the chance to compete in a test of endurance and stamina on a four days span, from December 11th till December 14th. It is going to be an environmental friendly event.

It is going to be organized by Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, they will host the world’s longest ultra-run across the dunes.Covering a vast distance of around 270km.This is going to be a challenge for even elite marathon runners and people are going to need a lot of water to finish off this one.

The competition is going to be categorized into three categories, first one is male in which all male contestants will compete, second category is female which will have all female runners and lastly of a team in which runners will make teams to compete against other teams.

A grand prize money amount of US $6,000 which equals to approximately AED 22,000 will be given to the winner for each category of male, female and team along with a trophy. Second and third runner ups will be given trophies and cash prizes as well.

Separately there are challenges for competitors for an ultra-marathon of either 100kms or 50kms which will be awarded in cash prizes.

There will also be awards for the top Emirati male and female and male and female old-timers aged over 50. These awards will be counted as the special awards.

Now of course if you want to get in on this one of a kind marathon you will need to register yourself before September 1st in order to get an early bird discount on the entry fee.

Look over the ultramarathon.ae to get yourself a spot and for additional information.

There are three races with different distances to cover with different fees to get into the competition. AED 5,800 (270km), AED 2,755 (100km), AED 772 (50km).

Desert Run

Talking about the 270km run, the AED 5,800 fee comprises of different facilities and services. These facilities includes bus transport, accommodation in a camp (this depends on which race you take), and a proper and heavy meal before your race starts. Also, t-shirt, certificate and a medal when you finish the race as a reward.

To take part in this race the contestant should be over 18 years old, he/she should be physically perfectly fit to participate in this race. They are supposed to submit a medical certificate to show their capability to contribute in a race because it’s a tough race. People having health issues cannot take part in this.

A base camp will be worked next to the save’s lakes to give incorporate tents, medical help, water and essential refreshments and there will be standard check focuses for water, time keeping, therapeutic care and race association.

A proper medical team of doctors and paramedics will be there to supervise the race, since the race is tough and long anyone can face the health issues, injury and exhaustion. This team is organized by the Dubai Sports Council. Also, participants will be tracked through the personal devices which will have the live tracking and timing technology and an emergency panic attack button.

There is also are fund policy. Fees are refundable at discretion of event organizer. Cancellation available until 31st August, 2018.


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